Mariana Simunovich is a Cambridge Certified English Teacher. Her mother tongue is Spanish. This combination helps you to optimise your language skills or learn from scratch. She can teach you English and Spanish.

„I am Mariana Simunovich. I have been alive for 40 years and have been expressing myself through writing for approximately 18 years.
I have lived in the city of Neuquén for most of my life. I published SHE in 2019, a selection of short stories that tell women’s stories (Autores de Argentina) and I participated in a collective publication in 2020 called Diario de una Cuarentena (Ediciones Tahiel).
I am currently working on the production of a book of horror stories that I hope will see the light of day next year.
The important thing, for me, is to find a way to make realities visible through words and that the search for motivation grows together with the possibility of planting the seed of respect for diversity in each person who reads.
I identify myself with the poplar, a tree that abounds in the valley and that always rises and protects what surrounds it.“

Also Mariana creates cookies called „Funtastic Galletitas Decoradas“. Lovingly and artistically designed biscuits, perfect for the next celebration.